The Haka

What is Haka

More than any other aspect of Maori culture, this complex dance is disciplined , yet emotional and an expression of the passion, vigour and identity of the race. It is at it's best, truly, a message of the soul expressed by words and posture.."

"Kia korero te katoa o te tinana." (The whole body should speak).

They should be shouted out in a ferocious and staccato manner, designed to instil strength and determination into the performers, such that they enact the haka with the power and force required.

It is important to realise that haka are generally not uniformly enacted, with all participants acting in time. The best haka involve a good deal of spontaneity and creativity as the performers interpret the words and feel the power of the haka take hold of them.
Two types of Haka

Haka Peruperu
Peru (anger) being the true war dance and is performed with weapons just prior to battle.

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